January 23, 2009

Blizzards perfektionism broken ?

Blizzard have been my number one game developer for a long time. Way before world of warcraft came out. All in all, they have made rock solid titles everytime. I cant recall a bad game from em at all. One of there absolute strongest points, have been there drive to perfektionism. They have never ever, been afraid to delay a game, because they didnt feel it was quiet right/done yet. It aint good to delay, but if I know the game will be perfect (or as close as it can get) by the delay. I can live with it. And I like that better, than an unfinished product.

But blizzard have let me down lately, with precise that. I will come with some of the issues I have had. It all started when Wrath was about to hit the shelfes.
After some time in the expansion, I think the expansion is to small. I think that deep inside blizzard would have like to had more content in it. The levelling is good, alot better than it ever have been. It's the endgame that worries me. Not that it is to easy, thats another discussion. What worries me is the amount. 2 bosses, which is single boss instances. Satharion and Malygos. And a raid instance which is a remake of an old instance. Thats it. Ofc there is wintergrasp, but that is PVP. And as far as I know, World of warcraft is still a game with priority on PVE. Im disapointed.
Was they in some way rushed to release it before time ?
Because of the release of WAR ? I doubt it, deep inside I dont think that blizzard was afraid of the release of WAR. WAR have never been a WOW killer, you need more than that to be able to threatend WOW.
Because they had to have it out to christmas sale ? I truely believe christmas or not, the game would sell just as good.
Because of there new big brother, having more to say than blizzard state ? This is where I lay my cards, I may think that even though blizzard would have liked to delay the expansion a bit. Activision have had a good deal to do with getting the game out when it did. Maybe because they thought some of the above, was a good reason.

Next up, we have another disapointment. Patch 3.0.8. A patch alot have been looking forward too. The patch after the expansion, normally have alot of fixes to game stuff, that have been coming up after alot of people is closing in on the endgame. And are exploring the new stuff in the classes. But what a disapointment. What the patch have brought, is just more bugs. Arena is down, Wintergrasp is down. There is reports of lag all over the net. People getting thrown out of instances. Bugs on old spells like summoning from warlocks. It really smeels undone, untested and so un-blizzard. Whats happening ?

Is it Activision that have such a big influence on blizzard, and for now in a very bad way ?
Is it the worldwide financiel crisis ? Maybe not a blizzard, but there bigbrother, draining the positive numbers out of blizzard ?
Are the good developers on new assignments, for new games ? Leaving WOW in a state to get worse and worse, and in the end loose its popularity. Or am I painting the devil on the wall ?

I really have no real answer, but blizzard have one customer and long time fan, which is sitting blogging with a disapointment in his stomach. Growing with the speed if the un-blizzard like things they do for the time being continue.

Am I alone on this one ?


  1. My initiale thought where because of the war release, but I think the keyword is money. How much milk can the get.

    Releasing Naxx again seems to easy and sloppy. Think I read one argument stating it was "so that everyone could experience it"

    Hoping 3.1 brings something new, with some fixes and challenges.

  2. Yeah I have mixed feelings about it as well. The questing up to 80 was awesome, it really brought it to another level. The questlines, the movies, the epic quests... and not many kill-10-rat kind of quests. The achievement system has its points. But there definitly should be more raid instances.

    Another problem is technical. I suffer really badly from low fps, inspite of having required pc and lowering all settings. Look at the techical support forums! There are thousands of players who suffer from this as well. They have to do something about it or I'm afraid there will be an exodus.

    By the way: I just found your blog since you had linked to me. It looks nice and I'll be back. There's a technical issue with linking to my blog. For some reason it doesn't work to link to my normal address. Link to my feedburner address and it will work as intended:



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