January 5, 2009

Hit the magic number

Hit must be the stat that is being talked most about in all classes, if we talk dps. This is/should be the first stat to cap or raise to around the cap. Before all, stats. Why, you may ask ?
If you are new to the game or maybe not been a raider a long time. You actually may not know this.I will try to explain.
Alot of people, would problaly think. Ok, im a spell caster, what does my bolts need to make bigger numbers, equal more damage. And by all means that is a normal way to approach it. And then the answer ofcourse would be spell power. But what if that bolt miss, how much have you so gained in dmg ? Zero, thats right. This is the main reason your first stat to cap or get close to, should be hit. Hits with bolts or whatever you throw at the enemy = damage, if its a miss its wasted. Its wasted damage, and in mana users terms, also wasted mana.
So make sure to get that hit up as soon as possible. And always have that stat in your mind when you are changing gear around. I know some, think they are getting less and less, dont think its worth to gem for hit. Im completly disagree. If you are way below hit cap, gem for it. Get that hit up. But watch it, as soon as you are above the cap, hit becomes less desired. So when you are around the cap, start to gear for other stats. Even change out your gems to dmg gems. That being spell power, str, crit, attack power, etc.

What do you need as a retribution paladin to reach the hit cap ?
32.8 rating gives you 1% hit. At level 80, we should require 262 hit rating, or 8%, to be hit capped on white swings, specials, and judgements.

There you go, your first bibel step to follow to add up to your damage in raids, 5 mans or whatever you are trying. This is to be hit capped on raid bosses. If you are perfectionist, you could get some pieces with a bit less hit on, for thrash and HC's.

Will make an article with the hit numbers for all classes. Sitting in the train atm, so my connection is to slow to get em all surfed up right away... :)

Have fun and go kick som ass out there.


  1. Go read my latest blog post!!

    Interesting stuff!

    Nice blog! :) added to my blog roll!

  2. Tnx m8. Im a regular reader of your own blog. And as you may saw you are in my blog roll as well.

    Keep your work up and will try to do that as well... hehe.

    We have to promote Retribution where we can.... lol


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