January 28, 2009

Video - Sartharion + 1 add. (Tenebron)

After been thinking through alot of the encounters in Wrath. I actually think that Sartharion is my favorite so far. Why ? I ofc see this from a melee dps perspective. But it has all out damage, movement, awareness and multiple targets. Whats more to ask for, except a phase where only holy dmg can be done.... :) (Gotta have some Retribution Epeen... hehe.)
This is a video recorded on our first try with an add up in Heroic. I think most of the people that was present this night, havent done any normal Sartharion with adds. So it was all new to almost all of us. We picked Tenebron as our add. This is a recorded video of our very first shoot of it ever in Epiphany, my guild. Enjoy.

Epiphany goes Sartharion and Tenebron from Jesper Stoico on Vimeo.

This is a video of our first try/kill on Sartharion + 1 add. Tenebron was our choice of add.


  1. It sure was, but as a first try ever I think its ok, as long as we got it down. And with only 1 death as far as I remember.

  2. 4:17 flashing lights with guitar solo is epic

    excellent coordination. i think if the add tank gets a couple more practice run containing the fire adds, you guys will one shot 3d.

    did i see a loladin bubble through fire wall?


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