January 19, 2009

Malygos, still our nemesis

Another night of raiding have passed. We started out with a Satharion visit, my first 25 man visit to him within my current guild. The goal was to leave an add up, just to see how it would go. Tenebron was the drake to keep alive.
1st try and we had em both down with little casualties. The kill was a little sloppy. Wasent super organized. But thinking of it was the first try on Satharion for some, and most if not all, first try with a drake up. I think we can be proud of the kill.

So we ventured towards Malygos, to progress from our 8% defeat on him last week. The raidleader decided to try to root the sparks this time, to save em for a a serious dmg boost, when we had around 3 sparks rooted. It caused alot of confusion, and in all honesty, it didnt go to well.
So after some try's we went back to how we did it last time. As we had some new people along that had never seen the fight, we struggled a bit in the different phases. But after some try's we got to phase 3 again. We got there 4-5 times, but got beaten on the enrage timer every time. With our best try being 3%, so we got a bit closer. The guild will be on him again tonight, but I cant make it there, so can only wish em goodluck.

A few notes to max your dps performance in there. In phase 1, when he lift up from the ground, and are about to whirl you around. You can still dmg him with judging, and if you move to the center of the platform, you can also melee hit him. A bit more dmg there. Remember you can hit him with instant abilities in the air as well.
Phase 2, get a mark up and a tank fast on the first ground add to take down. I had a problem with agro on it, so think about pop Hand of salvation there to help yourself and your tank out. And get up on the disc asap, key to fast killing of air adds.
Phase 3, whats there to say. As a dps there. Push 1-1, wait for around 80 energy, push 2. And right after 1-1, then wait for 80 again and so on. Rinse Repeat.

As I saw it last night, our dps in phase 3 was to low. Way to many not stacking em problaly, but had max 5 stacks. If we get the stacking right, im sure he is down before we know it.

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