January 17, 2009

Current state of dps

Last night me and my guild ventured into Naxx 25. A nice and fresh reset instance, a instance we have cleared 2 times fully before. So I thought it would be a good indication on how my dps is currently. I like to measure my dps around a full naxx run, rather than a Patchwerk fight. I think a full run gives a better picture. As in my world, dps is not just being able to go max out on a single boss. Its being active on all mobs, move and adjust the situations and most of all dont die.

We had a few wipes in the run, I think 4-5 all in all. I died to a hurtfull strike on patchwerk... :S So missed some good dps there, died around 40% left I think. Also died on Sapphiron at around 40% as well.

This is the dps I handed out during the night.

Around 3,5K dps overall. I dont have to many Retribution paladins to compare to. How does it look for you guys ?

After I got the Betrayer of Humanity, I made a promise to a good friend of mine, Grandad. I promised him to do over 5K dps on Thaddius. We wiped on the first try on him. Second try he went down. I was on 4,987dps on the first try. So close.
Second try, 5393dps.... there you go m8, as promised.

T7,5 Leg upgrade
I got an upgrade as well last night, got the T7,5 Legs. So off with the heroes I had and in with the yellow ones.

Valorous Redemption Legplates
2011 Armor
+85 Strength
+100 Stamina
+75 Attack power and +22 Critical strike rating
Red Socket (+16 STR)
Yellow Socket (+16 HIT)
Socket Bonus: +6 Critical Strike Rating
Durability 120 / 120
Classes: Paladin
Requires Level 80
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 66 (1.44% @ L80).
Equip: Improves haste rating by 84 (2.56% @ L80).

This is how they look after I have gemmed and enchanted em.

Frapsing again
I also frapsed all the boss fights last night. 66,6GB of video. I hope to set myself some time off, to get Vegas fired up again and make a Naxx video. This will be my first video as an epiphany member, as well as my first frapsing in Wrath. I actually look forward to make it... :)
Will get back to you, when new things happend on this front.

Keep save and keep the holy damage high untill next time.


  1. Your numbers look solid to me. Is #7 a dps warrior? He's numbers look way low.

  2. Yeah, he is an dps warrior. Im not sure about how he is geared though. Still new in the guild, so still learning the people in it... :)

    As I have frapsed all the boss fights last night, and seen some of em now. I can see I dodge an awfull lot. Maybe its time to see myself around after some more expertise on my gear.

  3. Do you have WWS link? i want to see how your guild's dps does on bosses :)

  4. Hey Eldrik

    No I have no WWS. We are not using that, atleast not what I know of. But would be surprised if any used it... :)

  5. Ah too bad, i was especially hoping to see the dps of you mages. Always looking to compare my damage to other mages :)


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