January 31, 2009

AFK for a week

Am I tired of world of warcraft ? Is that the reason im taking a week AFK.

Has the game lost my interest due to all the bugs lately ?

Or am I bitching over to easy content ?

None of the above is the reason, im a addict how the hell should I be able to take the road of the drugs... :)

Nope, im just switching to another big drug of mine for a week. Yeap, beware. The slopes will not be save for the next week. My board is brushed of, and my helm is in the car. Togheter with the cold winter suit. Yeap, im going snowboarding... Ohhh, yeah...

So catch you in a week, when im back. Hungry for more post's and alot of more WoW. Will try not to break any legs... or should I ? Maybe on the last day, a long pause from work, and alot of wow with my leg up.... Might be a possibility....

Wow or snowboarding, im always carrying my wings near by. May the light be with you.

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