February 10, 2009

Our nemesis is down !

Just a quick update. Im home from vacation. Been riding some really nice offpiste, forest slopes in norway the past week on my snowboard.
But back home now. My first night home, we ventured once again into The Eye of Eternity. To once again try to defeat our nemesis, Malygos on Heroic. The first 3 try's we got him to 6-8%. So we where all certain we would nail him this time. And 4th time was our lucky time. With 40 seconds left on the enrage timer, and actually a bad phase 1. (Missed the 2 last sparks in the end of phase 1.) He nail the ground, vanished into oblivion.

While I have been away, my guild have downed Satharion with 2 drakes up as well. So its Satharion with 3 drakes up now for us. And then all is cleared in the current content.

Will end with an Congratulation to my guild, Epiphany for great work, lets get the last gear out of the instances. So we are ready for Ulduar.

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