February 16, 2009

6,3K Retribution DPS

Yesterday, the eyes was on Naxxramas heroic. We have the place comfortly on farm, but wanted to push myself a bit. To see where I was dps wise. Ofc Patchwerk was the big question. But I still like to expand it a bit. As I like a player to be able to substain damage over a whole raid night. And ofc thaddius is always a fun fight, just to see the "fake" dps number you can get there.

Lets see how it all went.

I have had some troubles with getting cleaved once in a while on this fight. But as we had problaly out strongest 2 tanks on him for the night, I had little to worry about. So I could focus on my dps and go balls out.
Which ended pretty good, if I shall say so myself. 4,6K damage, which ended me 1st on the dps meter. I was quiet pleased with that.

Recount screenshot incoming as soon as I get home

The gimmick fight. My best score here so far is 5,3K, the tricky about this fight is that you are dependent of the other people in the raid to do max dps. It went pretty good, and I broke my own record, by quiet a bit. 6,3K damage.

Recount screenshot incoming as soon as I get home

Overall damage of the night
I had a bit of a fight with one of our other top melee dps'ers. A Death Knight, which actually use to end above me on the meter. But this time I got him. Ended 4th on the meter for the whole night. As the highest melee dps'er. Very close to 4K. Which I guess will be my next goal. Died on Gluth, which ofc wasent very pro. So that can be better. So My next goal is a 4K overall damage during a raiding night in Naxx.

Recount screenshot incoming as soon as I get home

A few Great upgrades
Have been after a few upgrades lately. A new pair of bracers, gloves and the T7.5 Head piece. As that would more or less make my set complete. Only with a few minor upgrades to go then.
So what did I get last night. My first upgrade was a neck, Fool's trial. Replaced my emblem bought neck. Nice upgrade.
Next was on Patchwerk, he made my night. Crude Discolored Battlegrips. Yes, thank you. As those would mean I could replace my hero gloves, as soon as I got my hands on my t7.5 helm. I really like the 4 set bonus, so would like to keep that.
Kel'thuzad was the next in line, near the end of the night. He went down and there it was smiling at me, the T7.5 helm. Actually first time I have seen it, even though I have downed him several times now. I didnt have enormous amounts of dkp left. After getting the neck and gloves. But went all in, all I had left.... waiting for the Loot master to count down... 3..... 2...... 1......
Impadin for 208 dkp..... wohoo.... :)

So I could get my ass to Dalaran to pick up the head, Valorous Redemption Helm. Gem and enchant it, and use the gloves right away. Also got enough valor emblems to buy the bracers there, Wristbands of the Sentinel Huntress. So the night ended really well. With new neck, gloves, helm and bracers.

Working on the Nobles Deck atm. Im only a few cards down now. 8,5 and 2 to go. So should be able to pick up that nice trinket at the next fairy time.

Its Sartharion+3 tonight, im prepared.

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  1. Good luck with Sarth3D. We got a bit hang-up with tries there due to loosing some healers but chances are we will be back all-guns-blazing the next raid week.


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