February 18, 2009

Pay it forward

Could you make wow a better place ?

We have all meet em ingame, that being in a pug, in Dalaran or in trade channel. People with odd talent selections, gems or items. People that in some way have misunderstood it all, or simply dosent know better. Many of us playing WOW is players that have played games for a long time or people that use a great deal of time on forums, blogs and such. To read up on builds, gear choices etc.

What if we, instead of being annoyed and just turn and walk away. We stop up and use 5-10 minutes of our playtime to help the player out. Ask him/her why he have choosen the gear he have ? Why he have those gems in his gear ? and so on. I will bet that most simply dosent know better. But that most would like to know.

Would 5 to 10 minutes be to much to ask. I bet alot would be gratefull to get a bit of help. And maybe next time you meet him/her he could actually show to become alot more usefull to you. Am I dreaming here ? Do the majority simply dosent care ?

I like to live in the dream, that if I use 5 to 10 minutes once in a while on a player, who in some way could need my knowledge or advice. That could end up with being something I can draw something good out of in the future. Maybe they will pay it forward, to another player in the future. It could all end up in, we being able to play with a better player next time....

Or simply start a vibe that in the end, would make all of WOW a better place to be and play in.

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