February 26, 2009

Project : Hardcore

I have launched a project in my guild. Project : Hardcore is the name, What we are trying with this one, is to gather a grp based on skill, gear and composition. And with that try to beat the hardest encounters ingame. In general our guild is about all have a right to a spot. We aint hardcore and very good at giving all a change to raid. In a fun and "feel good" raid and guild.
Our first goal was Sarth3D for the project.
We had our first night of try’s last night. And even though we didn’t get a kill. Im very pleased with what we did accomplish. Lets start with what our approach to it was and what composition we tried with.

3 tanks
Druid – Sartharion tank
Paladin – Drake tank
Warrior – Add tank
2 Healers
Holy priest
Restoration druid
5 dps’ers
Retribution paladin
Boomkin druid
Shadow priest
Elemental shaman

The approach I had set for the night was like this.
Burn down Tenebron, then move dps to shadron and burn him down as well. When shadron got down, move into the portal and kill his apostle. When its down, get out of the portal again. Kill Vesperon, move into the portal again, kills his apostles Finish off sartharion.
The tactic in sum up. Is to max the dps time on the drakes, and minimize the time on adds and portals.
We had the add tank to, tank the adds at the tail of the drakes. So our many AE attacks would kill adds as well, when we dps’ed on the drakes.
How did it went. Looking back at the night I think it went really well. We got shadron down 2 times, but both times we had at that point lost to many players or about to wipe.
We had our Sarth tank die numerous times on the breath. We started with the priest as Sarth healer. But seemed like after we switched to the Resto druid instead. We had less deaths on the breath.
Instead it seemed like the raid in general took too much dmg for the healers to heal the raid and tanks. Which caused in either a death of a raid member or one of the tanks.
I think the tactic works. We just need to adjust a few things. Or one major thing. I think we need to have one of the dps’ers to switch to off-healer in the phase where Shadron+Vesperon is on us. As what kill us slowly without we notice is the raid shadow damage.
And maybe a little change in the setup. My initial setup was this, and I think it may be a little bit stronger.

Tanks – Druid, Paladin and warrior. (Same)
Healers – Im not quiet sure here. I think the resto druid is a good choice. But I was thinking maybe a paladin or shaman healer as raid healer. So he aint so squisy, with all the adds and whatnot around him.
Dps – Retribution paladin, SP, Elem. Shaman, Hunter and a DK.

All in all, we had a brilliant night in there, I highly suggest you take up the challenge if you have the people for it. It’s a brilliant fight, very well designed. A fight where skills will matter. And afterall aint it what this game is all about. Doing the best you can, while having a blast with friends.

And we are now more hungry than ever for more.

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