February 22, 2009


There is a meme started bloggers between, going on atm. Where you should post your 6th screenshot in your screenshot folder and a little note about it. I was tagged by Aureilie from Valor... Paladin... Valordin?.

So here it is :

Its a rather new one, its taken shortly after I got my bike. Im pretty sure its taken in Burning Steppes. A biker in the sunrise, with only him and the road. Thought it was an awesome shot. I had it as my background on my desktop for a while.. :)

Im gonna pass it forward to Firelight from Retribution, Lance from A bit of lance and last by not least Soosdon from a The blog of Baron Soosdon.


  1. Awesome screenshot :) I would love to ride around on a "Hog" someday.

    I've got you in my "general" section of my blogroll btw...let me know if you're better suited for a different category (caitsblogroll.blogspot.com) Thanks!

  2. Yeah its an awesome ride. Espicially if you hook up with a few other bikers. Great feeling to ride azeroth in style.. :)

    General seems ok, I have lot about Retribution paladins, as that is my main. But as you can see alot of other stuff comes up as well.

    Lets keep it in general.. :)

  3. Aw gawd!!! I gotta do more screenshots? Tim @ Suicidal Zebra already tagged me! >.<

    I'll follow yours up as well though! wanted to do more than 3 anyway!!!


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