February 19, 2009

Project : Poshspice

Poshspice, ohh my new life is all about poshspice... !!??!!!!

You may wonder if I have gone mad in some way. What happend, have I got a new job as personal coach and trainer for Posh ? Nah. I actually dont really like her. Way to skinny for my kind. Problaly the reason I have a Male tauren Druid named Poshspice. But thats not what this story is about either. Nope, this story is about my new drive to get another character to 80.
Impadin, my Retribution paladin, is close to have no upgrades anymore in this current content. And he already have a pretty good tank dual specc set. As well as a holy set. So its time to get a new toon to 80, and start to work on some gear for that.

And its here Poshspice comes into the picture. Yeap, she is my ShadowPriest. Dranei, pretty and hard hitting.

I have used the last few days of my wow time on her, taken her almost 3 levels up. She is sneaking in on 73 now. Leveled her tailoring to up over 400. So she have a few upgrades in her back to when she raise a level or two. Been taking her through nexus and Uthgaard Keep. She is on a roll.

Im in no way any expert in the priestly ways, far from it. But im learning and hopefully I will become rather strong in that class as well. I will start with a spell rotation I use when grinding to kind of kick, my priest posts on. (Yeap, its my intention to come back to em now and then.)

Spell Rotation (Questing/grinding): VT - SW:P - MF - (MF)* - MB - MF**

* This depends on how close the mob are at me at the current time. If the mob is still at range to me, I normally hit it with one more MF. If the mob is in my face I skip this MF.
** If the previously MB dosent kill it off, I take the last health down with a MF.
Remember that to get VT to kick in, you have to get a MB on the mob before VT runs off. That is what make Vt gief you the lovely, Replenishment buff.

I normally dont use shield in my rotation. As most mobs die rather fast. If my health is at around 50-60%. I normally put up a shield and add a Vampiric embrace to the target just after my VT. That normally make my health go to full again.
If my mana gets low. Dispersion is my friend. I very rarely use Shadow Fiend when solo questing/grinding.

With this rotation and use of abilities I very rarely have to drink, and can go on like a duracell-rabbit nonstop.

Its really a fun class to play, and is to me far more fun that a said mage for example. Lets end this first priest post with a picture of my ingame poshspice.

Whats your alt ?

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  1. The curse of alts. currently working on getting a rogue up. Lvl 49 so far and pretty fun to play. I`ll race you to 80 :P

    PS! Gief Ulduar


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