February 11, 2009


Im really having some of a down period with wow. Im in that phase where you log on, and actually dont wanna play much. Just logging on because, well thats what I use to do... sigh....

I have tried to work on my tank gear for my paladin, as that is the dualspecc im aiming for, Ret/Prot. I have also tryed to work on getting some more chars up in level. My warrior got another level, so he is now 76. And worked some levels into my priest which is now, 69.

But damn, I have a hard time leveling in Northrend. It seems even more dull to me, the second time around than outland did. Which I cant really figure out why ? Am I getting tired of the game ?

Have a few more post's in the making, and some more as ideas in my head. But cant seem to find the energy to make em, to publish stage. Ohh, well. Hopefully I will get the spark back. Not even making money on the AH, appeals to me atm.

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