February 13, 2009

Dualspecc good or bad ?

Ok, I have a confession to make. I have a fetish, which I have had for a good deal of time now. Since I first heard of it. Dualspecc. I just cant get my hands down on this one. I love the idea, I love the concept, I just cant wait to get it. There is now a Q&A on the official wow homepage, which get a lot of details out. I will come with my opinion on some of the questions answered. WARNING!!! Most of the opinions is just me saying how good its gonna be.

Nethaera: Why are we allowing players to dual spec after all this time?
Ghostcrawler: We really felt like this was a great way to increase the flexibility available to players and encourage them to take part in more aspects of the game. To use just one example, some players like to participate in both raids and Arenas, which is awesome behavior that we want to promote. But, there are some talents which are more useful in one part of the game than another. Currently, players have to pay respec costs and go through the process of setting up the desired talent spec and action bars whenever they switch.
Impadin: How much win is this ? Its brilliant. One thing that have bugged me for some time, is that my main have loads of good gear for his offspec. But it hardly gets into use, as it has been so complex to change specc and such. And not to mention after the glyphs have arrived. Some of em is so important, that a re-glyph was have to be done as well. I don’t like to be in a specc, where I cant be my full use. No half solutions. This is now made so much smoother. Not to think of when you want a instance run, and missing the last tank or healer. As im a paladin, I can be main dps specc. But dualspecc one of those, to help out. I don’t care to much about pvp, so 2xPVE specc for me is gonna be so good.
Ghostcrawler: The new system makes this a much more logical process, saving on time and cost and allowing players to easily move from one aspect of the game to another.
Impadin: Thats right, so well spoken.

Nethaera: Who will be able to use it?
Ghostcrawler: Players who have reached the maximum level will be able to set up dual specs.
Impadin: I hope they will reconsider this one. As atm the hardest time to get into instances is while levelling. As ofc the amount of people on the 10-78 level is smaller than the 78-80 part. So really hope they will reconsider here.
Nethaera: Why do players need to be max level in order to do this?
Ghostcrawler: We didn’t want to burden lower-level players with extra complexity as they’re working to level up and learn their class. But if the feature proves popular we might consider expanding it.
Impadin: This makes alot of sense, but what about you get dualspecc, when you have your first character on 80. And then its avaible to all your characters, also while levelling. Then its not complex for new people. But you have the edge of knowledge to be able to use it on an alt as well ?

Nethaera: How do you switch between specs?
Ghostcrawler: Players will be able to switch between their talent specs by visiting any Lexicon of Power provided they’ve paid for the ability to have a secondary spec. Lexicons of Power will be available in major cities, and inscribers will also be able to create a new item that summons one. Anyone can purchase this item, but it requires a ritual of several players to summon it for use by the party. It’s similar to a repair bot in that it will exist in the world for a short duration. It’s important to keep in mind that you will not be able to switch specs while in combat or Arenas. While you won’t be able to switch your spec without the Lexicon, you will still be able to look at your secondary spec whenever you want to.
Impadin: Interesting. Will be carrying those around like I have my bots, always minimum a stack of 5. Good thing as well, is that these will be a good money maker for inscriptionists as well. Yes, I have one ofc… J

Nethaera: Will solo players have the ability to switch their specs outside of the cities or will they still need to visit a Lexicon of Power?
Ghostcrawler: Solo players will still need to go into the city to visit the Lexicon of Power to switch their talent spec or will need to get together with other players to summon one in.
Impadin: Cant have it all. I think its fine like this.

Nethaera: Will you be able to switch gear easily to match your spec?
Ghostcrawler: At the same time we implement dual specs, we will also be setting up a gear system. The feature is called “Gear Manager.” It can also be used to just swap weapons or trinkets or put on that tuxedo to strut around town. It will not automatically switch your gear when you change your talent spec, but it will allow for an easy gear change between them. The feature may not be fully functional immediately in the PTR, but we’ll have more information to share about it before too much longer.
Impadin: Built in feature, which should have been into the game long ago. Great news, this feature have been a must have for many classes in a long time. Smooth to finally get that into the game as well.

Nethaera: Will you be able to change your Glyphs as well?
Ghostcrawler: Glyphs will be tied to each talent spec so that if you switch between them, so too will the Glyphs. You’ll notice the UI will have changed a little bit so that the Glyph panes show up alongside the Talent panes now that they are associated.
Impadin: As said higher up, this have been one of the things I have disliked about glyphs. Respeccing have not done all to change from Ret to holy forexample. This is done now. Good work, Blizzard.

Nethaera: What about hotbars? Will players be able to save them for the talent spec they’re running?
Ghostcrawler: Yes, you will be able to save hotbars and use them with your talent specs. It just saves your bars at the same time as it saves the glyphs and talents. If you want to switch to your other action bar, you will need to change specs.
Impadin: a feature which hopefully gonna be bug free. As that will really make or break some of the success imo. As im a big addon user, I just hope the Bartender people is on there toes and get that addon upgraded asap.

Nethaera: Is there a way for players to choose their talents without them being saved? Currently, once you spend your talent point, it’s spent unless you pay the respec cost again.
Ghostcrawler: With the dual spec feature, we are going to allow players who respec to configure all their talents before they get saved. They will be able to allocate the points, then choose if they want to use that as their spec, rather than needing to carefully diagram out their talents ahead of time. This will allow players a little more freedom when deciding on the talents they want to pick and avoid costly mistakes.
Impadin: This is also great news. How many dosent go to wowhead or the official wow page, to set the talents. Then back into game to set em one by one, with the ALT+tab’ing in and out of game. Well, I do. Thats not needed anymore. Another good feature.

Nethaera: Will players be confined to only setting up two specs?
Ghostcrawler: We will be launching the feature with just two specs, but depending on how we feel it works out, we might consider additional specs in the future.
Impadin: Interesting Paladins, with triple-specc. Talk of jack of the box. Im more than happy with dual specc, but ofc triple specc, will be taken with a smile as well. Hybrid classes ftw.

This is not the full article, you can find the full article by following this link. As you can read im very happy about this feature. And really looking forward to it ingame. I really have a hard time being negative over this one. Ofc the implementation is gonna be bug free, or close to. I hope Blizzard have taken the last patch mistakes up to consideration. And when 3.1 is hitting the servers, we are back on good old Blizzard standard. We all know you can do it, lets see you work your magic.

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