February 28, 2009

Dualspecc & Gear management UI (PTR)

Ok, I finally got my Character transfered to the PTR. And first thing I did was to tjeck out how the UI stuff around Dualspecc and Gear system looked like. And it actually seems to work pretty smooth. Here will follow the info I gathered on the PTR and pictures of most of it.

Lets start of with dualspecc. You learn it at your class trainer, so I ventured to IF to have a talk with Brandur Ironhammer. He is a nice guy, but he aint cheap. After finding the option is his list its just to click away and say yes, I really want it. And then pay the fee. 1000g.

Bingo, you even get a nice little 10 point achivement for it... hehe. And you are now able to make to builds.

This is how it all looks. As you can see up in the right corner, you now have the option between two tabs. Specc1 and specc2. And you can now start to put in some points. As you can see in the bottom, there is now a little more info. Unspent Talents count as well. Nice little addon. And you have gotten a new tab all in the bottom Glyphs. Nice they have moved it, always feelt it was misplaced in the spell book section. Belongs along side the talents. And the tab ofc changes depending on which talent build you use. Changing from one build to another is simple as hell when you are in a city atleast. You just press the second build, and say you wanna change. 5 second cast, and bingo you have it changed. I have yet to figure out how it works outside of the city. Will try to dig into that and get back with that info.

Would have liked to talk about the new prot tree, as that is rather interesting, what we get instead of Kings. But as of now, as you can see. Its rather minimal.. :) They actually just removed Kings.

Gear Management
After looking at it all, I decided to look a bit more on the new gear management system. How it looked and worked. Looked around on the character screen and Menu and so on. But no sign of it. I just went into the Interface controls, and there it was. You have to enable it to even see it on the normal UI. So tjeck in that and out into the character screen ones more. And bingo.

Here is how it all looks like, its not much. But it seem to do the job very well.

As you can see in the top right corner of you character window, you know have an armour symbol, thats you gear management system. It simply opens the little small window besides it. As you can see on the screen. You press new, and choose a name and ikon, like when you make a macro. And it then makes a set out of what your currently is wearing. Simple, but effectiv. And you can now just press the ikon for your set and bingo, its all equipped. Its so simple implementet, that is strikes me. Why the hell did it take em that long to get it in ???
What is misses may be, that it actually would store the gear, so we would have some more back space. But it dosent, atleast not in V1.0. But we can always hope it does it in maybe a future version of it.


  1. i like how they two talent tabs. i only know hot to play ret. it's gonna take me a lot of research and practice to play a second spec.

  2. Thanks for the screenshots

    I'm gonna have to check this out myself later tonight.


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