February 27, 2009

Tier 8, fancy pancy or purple puppy ?

Even though I started my character transfer to the PTR, the day it went up. Im still pending. Have the client installed and all. And was very eager to be able to post about some of the new changes. Especially dualspecc and the new gear system. But that is not the case, as I for some reason cant get my character transfered.
A bloody shame.

So I would use the time to have a look at the New Tier set for paladins. What do we have today, a shiny yellow set. Which in my opinion is pretty cool. Yeah, I like it. I was a big fan of the few people I saw back then in the blue colored one, back in Vanilla wow. And I still like it today. Here is a peciture of me wearing a full set, with matching boots and belt.

I did like it better in the original color though. But its still good looking in my eyes.

What about the new one, another space puppy ? Or maybe a nice purple one as seen before. Nope it dosent seem like it.

Male version, picture from MMO-Champion.

Female version, picture from MMO-Champion.

Or maybe. I must admit I have a very hard time judging if I like this one or not. I like the looks on the shoulders and the set in general. But not the helm. That just looks misplaced in some way. And I tend to think the shoulders are very shaman like. It does alwasy look better ingame than on pictures like these. So I think it will be pretty good looking on me chopping through nummerous packs of foes. What do you think ?


  1. The new set looks fairly nice, minus the helm which looks like a truck. It does look a bit `shammany'. Also apparently there have been two data-mined versions, one with a skirt and one with plain pants. I like the pants. There was only one Judgment Set...

    From some of the pictures I say with various assorted gear equiped the set looks massive. Oh well, not the best we had but still, no Crystalforge (which I hated...).

  2. it's okay, i guess. i really hope t9 is a win like the lightbringer set.

  3. The damn shaman tier 8 set looks more paladin like than the paladin one!!! =(

    PS I'm so jealous you got the matching boots! I have the 10 man Gothik ones, waiting on poignant sabatons for the matchy matchy =D

  4. @Lance, I havent seen it mixed with other gear pieces. But im sure that makes it look even better. Thats what normally happens. And as im alwasy running without helm on, I dont hang me so much in the looks of that.. :)

    @Holy Pally, its a "fake" set. The gloves are actually tank gloves, belt and boots are healing. The rest is from my main set, Dps. But hey you cant see that on a picture.... hehe


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