January 23, 2009

Bits and pieces

Tooltip to wowhead added
Added the feature "Powered by wowhead", to the site. What it does, is a thing most of you is problaly already familiar with. When ever you hover a tooltip, leading to wowhead.com, it shows a tooltip for the item, skill or whatever the link points to. A very nice feature. I had been looking for it for a while, but ofc the wrong places. Tnx to Josh from the blog Eye for an Eye, I now have it on my site as well. Tnx Josh.

Here is an example, Red sword of Courage.

Weird things you find in azeroth.
From time to time, you stumble upon grey items. Most of em you problaly just sell, and dont even look what it is. I normally do that as well. But while playing on an alt, I got this book. And luckyli I read it. Blizzard do have some moments, atleast it made me smile.. ;) Look for yourself.

Movie in the making.

Last reset I frapsed the guilds Naxxramas 25 man run. And have started on editing and figure out ideas for a coming movie. Its not a movie aimed for the big crowd. Mostly for the guild to enjoy and as a diary of what we have done togheter. I have gotten Anub and the Lady in so far. Its far from done in anyway, but its starting to shape up. You can see what I have done so far.

You can also just download the file from filefront, can be done here.

A bit of future plans.
I have an idea to present you for some of my alts. As Impadin is pretty geared out in HC's, badge and 10 man gear. So I can almost only get upgrades in 25 man now. So will problaly start spending some more time on my alts now, untill we see Ulduar come out.
I still as well, havent really seen the changes from the patch. I look forward to go Naxx 25 this weekend. And hopefully get a better view of the changes there.


  1. video's nicely done.

    who's got the baby blizzard bear out on the grand widow fight? baby bear is epic.

    i'd like to make a movie too, but i need to streamline the action bars first. i got too much crap it covers the whole screen.

  2. Yeah, I like to have all my abilities shown, or atleast on a bar so I can reach em. Some I almost never use, but I like to have em in reach for the rare occasion. I dont know how easy it is to spot. But have alot of "faded" out bars in my UI. For easy access, but as they are faded they dont clutter the screen.

    Maybe I should make a post about my UI at some point ?


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