January 12, 2009

What a night !

It was a raiding night, we should get the last of Naxx 25 done for the week. I have been looking for a while after a replacement for my Axe from HC HoL. But have been unlucky on rolls, or simlpy havent had any drop when I have been around. But that should change tonight. We was missing one wing and then Sapphiron and Kel'thuzad.
The clearing went smoothly, and typically alot of nice melee plate dropped. But tryed to hold back, as I was saving the dkp, for a weapon drop.

I gotten resist to bid low on a few things, as I might be lucky to get em, if no one else bidded. That actually scored me, Iron-Spring Jumpers, as I was getting low on hit.

The dps chest dropped at sapphiron, but I was strong and holded my dkp. Kel'thuzad went down first try, and there is happend..... my wishes had come real. The drop, I bidded all I had in dkp, and lucky that was enough. Im now the proud owner of, best 2H dps weapon ingame atm, Betrayer of Humanity. I was literraly jumping up and down, with a big smile on my face, cheering at my screen.... :)

As we finished rather fast with raiding, I took some heroics afterwards, which nettet me up to 60 badges, so I got myself T7 gloves. Also got the back, from 25 man badges. So it was really a night of upgrades.

A few gear options

After switching around gear, to get 4 set bonus, im now there. So lets see how it all goes and if I can feel a dps increase.
So here is what I came from, till what I am now. Here is the stats.

Old set :
2 Tier set bonus
2967 AP
231 Hit
37,18 Crit
250 Haste
0 Armour Penetration

New set :
4 Tier set bonus
2978 AP
260 Hit
36,41 Crit
283 Haste
37 Armour Penetration

Really looking forward to testing my new gear setup.

Argent champion
The heroics I made last night nettet me exalted with the argent crusade. As I always thought, since I saw it, that the title the argent champion, would be awesome to have as a paladin. So looked up my Reputation and could see I needed 9K with the old fraction argent dawn. So today I decided to deal with that, after some hours and a few clears of Stratholme and Scholomance. I'm now know as, Impadin the argent champion. (With a kick ass axe.. :) )

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  1. Oh Mah Gah.

    That axe is PEE EYE EM PEE. You don't even know how bad I want it.



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