January 9, 2009

Expertise cap and information.

Last time I talked a bit about hit, this time I will try to uncover another dps stat, expertise.

Expertise was a stat that, got introduced to the game in the late part of TBC. When it first came into play it was the new hot stat for tanks. I was playing a prot warrior back then, and I rmb how we farmed badges to burn on those pieces with expertise on. It really pushed our threat generation up.

Im talking about prot tanks, and threat generation. Not something I would like as a Retribution Paladin. Why should I care about it then ? What can expertise do for me ? As a dps melee class expertise is a great way to boost our dps some more. What expertise does is, when you attack from behind, you can push dodge of the combat table. Meaning like hit, more hits = more dmg to us.

Cap ? Is there a cap like hit, yes there is. You will need 26 Expertise to cap it, removing dodges from the combattable. Thats 214 expertise rating, if you rather like it like that. When the stat is capped, all over the cap is a waste. So make sure to hit the nail, or maybe a little less. No idea in waste itemization points on something that dosent help us.

It will be a great dps increase to get some of this on your gear. I would not gem for it though, I would let it come by gear upgrades. And even though you wont have it capped, you should still be able to get some more dps out right away. As it effects our normal white attacks, our strikes and our seal. (SoB)

So what are you waiting for, go get you some… ;)


  1. herro!

    Expertise is cool. I die a little each time I see a big yellow "dodge" float through the combat text.

    grats on the chopper. I had to dip into my chopper fund to get the nobles deck.

  2. Tnx. Yeah, the chopper is purely cosmetic and fun to hang around on. Have had a few bike only trips with some others through Northrend, and thats priceless... :)

    Noble's deck is my next investment. Problaly gonna cost me just as much before I finish it.


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