December 16, 2008

Loken and healing as a paladin

I read a large amount of blogs and forums around the net, most ofc wow themed. Today there have been nummerous post, blogs about Loken. And how to defeat him from a paladin heal POW. It seems like all the fuzz comes from a post about paladins ofc complain about there lack of AOE healing. A thing im pretty tired to hear about, and no I dont think paladins have a problem. I think rather many have a learn to play moment they need to come over.

Back to Loken. He is the final boss in Halls of Lightning or just HoL. When he is encountered on hc, he is one of the hardest bosses ingame atm. Or atleast the boss in wrath that have had most kills on his list.

I will start with a little story. The day I hitted 80 on my paladin, I specced holy. I was in quest blues and greens. Some from guild needed a healer for HC HoL. I thought what the hell im in. We went in one shotted all bosses, but wiped one time on Loken before e went down. Where is the problem ? I will make a guess. I think its up to 2 things, a glyph and some practice with bacon.
To start with the glyph, Glyph of holy light is a must imo for every holy paladin. It makes our biggest heal, alot more effective and most important off all. It heals multiple targets.
Bacon is a practice spell, to get the most out of it. Figure out who to cast it on, and then spam the others, if they need it. Rmb it only returns actually healing to the bacon target.

My approah to the fight. I used bacon on the tank, I like it that way. And then I actually didnt heal him alot more that fight. Ppl ofc have to move at the right time. As my gear wasent up to heal it trough. But when the grp take dmg, spam holy light. That will heal all, and give alot of heal to the bacon target. And thats more or less a done deal then.

Not much to it.

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