December 10, 2008

Im a happy man for now

Im atm doing all I can to upgrade my gear to be viable for the guild in raids. Still a good long way to go gearwise, but more important alot more practice in Retribution dps.
But nevertheless I was determent to be online at raid invite time, just in case there should be a spot open. I must admit I didnt think there would be. But BAM!, you are invited to a group by Zappadpj.
We where aiming for a 25 man kill of Achavon. He was more or less a walkthrough the first time I encountered him, and so he was again. I was so lucky he dropped 2xRetribution chest pieces. So me and the other Ret in the raid, my good friend Gaweg looted one each.

The raid should then continue on the last wing the guild had up, Construct quarter. As im not a raidmember and we had some other community members with us as well. Some of us had to drop for raid members at this point. We was 4, two had to leave. I rolled second highest which got me a spot in Naxx as well.

My performance was utterly shit in there tbh. My focus was not that good, which resulted in a few very poor deaths. Something I normally dont do. But most important to me I got to raid in the specc. Which was awesome, my dps was down with the tanks, but gave me alot of insight in. What to do and what not to do. And now have something to build on.

So here is my personal progression list :
1. Get more regular raid time
2. Get judgement as my primary dmg output
3. Get into top 10 of dps
4. Get some more gear upgrades

The first says it all, that is my current goal. Number 2, is one of the first things I need to work on. As judgement is our primary dmg source, and my primary last night was melee swing. Not good.
Third and forth is a help to get 1 obtained.

But it was a great night, being back in a raid. Something I hope to get into again, as soon as possible on a more regular basis. On a sidenote I also looted the T7.5 shoulders. Which was an awesome upgrade on some blue quest one's I had. So I have flywing shoulders now... :)

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