August 24, 2009

Deathknight specc, glyph and rotation.

I have been intense playing my deathknight for some time now. So its time to uncover my specc, glyph setting and rotation. Or not rotation as I dont use any, I prioritize my abilities.

Lets start with the specc, I roll as a Frost Deathknight. Dual wielding what I can come across. My specc look like this. Link

You are also able to see my glyph selection there.

Is this the specc im going to continue using ? Yes, it is. I have recently changed to using 2 points in Subversion in the blood tree. Had those in Blood-caked blade in the unholy tree. But its seems better to me, to use em the other way around. 2 reasons for that. I had an agro problem, mostly on thrash or low geared tanks, but it was a annoying issue. A bit less threat from my side works better for me. And the gain in Runic power, to spam more Frost strike suit my playstyle more.

About the glyphs, im gonna make a change to those as well. I will change the Major - Diseases to Howling Blast. And the Minor Blood tap one to Horn of Winter.
Why I will make these changes I will come to in the rotation section, just down under.

Rotation or lack off
Hmm, no rotation, you must be a moron. Nahh, I just dont like to be narrowed down to a set order. Im sure there could be one for Frost dual, but I dont like it. I like to be able to adjust in combat, especially as melee. It may take longer to master then, but its well worth it in the end I think.

Here is what I have been using up to now.
Diseases up > Obliterate > Frost strike > Bloodstrike
Thats the simply main abilities we have. I have then used Pestilence to keep the diseases up, and spread em out for more damage if there has been multiple mobs. When I get a Killing machine proc, togheter with a Rime proc. I fire off a Howling blast. (And look at the numbers on multiple targets.. :) )
Thats how I have been rolling for now. But I will change that a little bit.
I will use the Howling blast glyph, and use that to get icy touch on the target and the plague strike afterwards to get that on as well. And keep using that to re-apply diseases. Why the change ? I think that it will give more damage, as Pestilence is a zero dmg ability, but by using this 2 to re-apply I will get damage as well. Taking a zero damage ability out of use. It will be a bit more adjustment while playing as, I may fire off a howling blast when KM and Rime procs, so the diseases get out of sync, but it should be manageble.

I will keep you updated on how it goes.

Before my last 2 upgrades. T7.5 shoulders upgraded with Shoulderplates of the Eternal.
And Death-Inured Sabatons upgraded with Boots of the underdweller. I got a 4,7K dps on general Vejax.
Lets see if I can improve that, with my new gear and small changes to glyph, specc and ability use.

Im all ears for your experience with this.


  1. i have started a new DK and your leveling spec has been really help for me. thanks keep the port going. I am more exicted to level my DK

  2. Good to hear some one can use the work. Feel free to ask any questions you have, and I will answer em as good as I can.

  3. I've just started a Frost DW DK too and I was researching specs over at EJ, as I'm sure you have. I've read that you can have 4 points in Killing Machine and it still procs like a mofo; the only limiting factor for your free HBs should be Rime procs. I'd suggest going 4/5 in Killing Machine and tossing that extra point into Subversion for that added crit. Just my two cents.

  4. @Antigen, tnx for the pointer. I have not yet been at EJ, reading up on things about my DK yet. My time have not been there yet. Better get me started over there.

    Will give it a go. Need to log my combat log, so I can make some comparison about procs then.

    Btw nice blog you have going, just been around it. Gonna add it to my, blog roll, so I can keep me updated on your post's.


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