September 4, 2009

Whats cooking ?!?

Yeah, whats cooking in here ? Way to much work and way to little wow to be honest. But fear not I have off course played some since I have been writing in here last. So what have I been up to.

Mage and AV
Thats the 1 thing I have been splitting my time on lately. I have a mage which was 74, halfway to 75. When I decided to try a bit of Pvp. He is ofc frost for leveling purpose, but damn I love it in PvP as well. Kiting the melee mindless around 2+ levels higher than me, just chewing there health down is so much fun.
But damn the xp gain in Alterac Valley is good. You get 20K XP, from Galv and Drek kills. You get 20K XP for each tower you burn down. And you get some from just kills and I think you get some bonus as well along the way. Not quiet sure where they come from. Yeap, a quick calculations, bring it to 100K XP, for a win with all towers down in AV. And that happens alot in my Battlegroup for alliance. So it more or less 100K XP in like 10 minutes time or less. Now thats not a bad leveling curve. Did I mention im halfway to 77 now... ;)

Paladin comeback
Next competitor for my time has been my paladin. Yeap, you heard it right my paladin. I missed him, so have been playing some daily heroics on him. Done VoA with the new boss, got t8.5 legs for my Retribution gear and close to getting the head piece as well. And I like it... :)
I have had loads of fun on him once again, maybe the DK break have worked ? I have been both dps'ing and tanking with him. And have been loads of fun both of em.
Maybe I will make Jong happy and make a retribution comeback ? Time will tell.

Faction change
I have long been wanting to play some horde again. I like the horde side, even though I have played alliance for the last years. But I havent had the time or energy to make a new horde char and play. Faction change have made that possible. Im cooking on some plans to faction change my leveling mage to the undead side. Undead mages are cool. We are actually discussing which server we could transfer a char to in the guild forum. Just for kicks, but to have the change to play on horde side for the fun of it with friends.
Any of you thinking the same ? You have a good idea for a server ?

Damn, that got a bit longer than expected. Need to get back to work... :S But lets see if I can bring some more wow to my machine in the weekend to come.

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