September 7, 2009

Ulduar Heroic Hardmodes, take 1

Ulduar heroic hardmodes
Last night we finally ventured into ulduar 25, with the purpose of doing hardmodes. It was meant to have been done last wednesday, but we used that instead to do ToTC25 normal and get some try's on 25 Heroic. But last night was the night to get into hardmodes in ulduar 25. We started soft with doing Flame Levitant with 2 towers up. Hodir and Freya's towers was the ones to keep up. I was riding as side kick on a demolisher, but not as one to be thrown. Only if one of the 4 assigned died, I was ready as backup. First try we got it to around 30% or so. Alot had never seen this besides on normal mode, including myself, so that was a bit of a "get a feel for the fight" try.
Next try we got into the vehicels and got ready for another try, same setup as last run. I keept loading my driver with Pyronite, so he could keep his fire'ing going. After the first breakdown one of the melee guys died. So I prepared to be launched as the 4th man, worked like a charm. One more lockdown and he was already at around 25% or so. The kill was in the bag, down with two towers on second try. I now wish we had taken one or 2 more. I guess thats next time around.
Giving me my first 25 man hardmode achivement in Ulduar.

Next target XT hardmode
Next one we had in mind for the night was XT hardmode. Its a pretty simple hardmode actually. When you get the first heart phase, you forget about adds, and just full nuke the heart down. When the heart is down, he enters hardmode. He gains full health again, he will not spawn more adds, so finish off the ones you should have up. The gravity bombs, now leaves a void zone where it blow up. Not much more hassle. Lightbombs, do more damage and when detonated, they leave a spark. That spark need to be nuked down by ranged dps. Thats more or less it, there is more damage takend from tantrums and boss as well.
As a melee dps, its not much different, just nuke and move out when getting lightbomb or gravity bomb. Simple. Atleast for us.. :)
I think we had 3 or 4 try's and we had that in the bag as well. I ended as 5th on the damage meter, think it was around 5,5K dps. I have some way to get really fire deadly again. But Impadin, the ret havok machine is back. Nicely execution.

Iron council, in a diverse order
Now it got more exciting, as this fight changes a good deal when you start to shuffle the takedown order. Our goal was to take steelbreaker down as the last, thats the real hardmode for this encounter. When you do it like this, steelbreaker kills your tank every 25 seconds with a deadly blow. So you have to tank rotate and res tanks to get him down. We took Molgeim down as the first boss, by doing that Brundir gets a little ekstra trick up his sleave. He randomly gives a raid member a debuff, which deals damage to you and the ones around you. So you have to move out, heal it through and get back into the fight. It seemed like quiet a few of our members had a problem here. And I think I know why, DBM marked the person with the debuff, but your screen didnt flash or anything. So you had to watch closely if you got the debuff or not. I simply think that as long as people dont hear the sound and there screen flash red, they think all is ok. (I didnt see it fast at the first debuff I got either, but with a bit of attention it was easy to spot and move out. And we also got through that phase a few times. But the last phase smashed our tanks big time. We had a bit of bad luck with a tank switch and "Big smash ability from Steelbreaker", so two tanks died almost instantly.
Unfortnaly we didnt got more than 3-4 try's before the O-Team decided to do it semi hardmode. Thats where you kill Molgeim as the last instead. So the order was Steelbreaker - Brundir - Molgeim. Change is that Molgeim in his last and 3rd phase, now also open a portal from time to time. Out of the portal spawns little elementals, which sets a target. If they reach there target they explode and deals, AOE damage. Lets just say we did chrash and burn on the first try. Second try we used a frost mage to slow down the mobs spawning from portals, and it was a take down.
By doing it this way, we dont get any hardmode loot. We just get the disc which start the quest chain for Algalon. But another kill was in the bag.

Last hour of the night
We then cleared Kologarn and the cat lady, and moved on to Hodir for more hardmode time. And we have a long way to get that down. Most of the people in the raid, did not make the dps needed to fry this bastard in hardmode. So after some try's we called it a night. But it was a nice taste of what we have in the future to conquer. Im excited and hopefully alot of the other epiphany members is as well.
Im atleast looking forward to more runs in ulduar in the coming weeks.


  1. Hrmf, need to correct you

    Thorim and Mimiron towers where up :) we took down freya and hodir

    The debuff Steelbreaker leaves kills the tanks after 30seconds ;) but tanks do the switch at the 25sec mark.

    And with hodir you need 200k raid dps :/ sick puppy

    But good to start off again and XT is a bitch as caster, hate those damned Light sparks, me wants to nuke the boss

  2. Oh and for postcount +1, think we need to change All paladin to All paladin and one awesome 'nome lock ;)

  3. I really need to type it down when its fresh in memory. I forget way to fast... ;)

    Tnx for the correction, Baga.


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