September 10, 2009

Two Jormungars and Orbit-uary

Trial of the Crusader 25 man normal
Last night was a new reset and a new night for some raiding with me and epiphany. We started out with ToTC 25 normal, The beast are a walkover so not much to come for there.
Then the two Jormungars entered, we started on dps'ing the grownded one as we always do. And then after the first switch dps the other down, when that is grownded. Last night we had a lucky punch, without going for it. We killed em very close to each other, which nettet us another achivement.

Pretty nice. Considering we wasent even aiming for it.

Next up was Jaxx, I dont know why but it always seems like people are not keeping an eye of there surroundings. There is always a good deal of people dying here. But we got it down, even though we was hardly any melee left. Think we was 3 melee up when the fight was over.

Next up Faction Champions, 1 wipe. We took the wrong one to start with, next go they where down. Not much to say to em, its an all out nuke fest. Where everyone cc a bit randomly through out the fight.

Twins was up next, we also took those down 1st try. Not hardly a challenge, if people just pick the right colors... :)

Then it was time for the last boss in the instance, I had not seen that fight before. So was thrilled with the entrance of LichKing, and his devastation of the Arena. Actually a pretty nice fight, good positioning and awareness + target switchning. Even though I failed to reach the ice in time, when the spikes was after me... :(
We was 2 guys down, me and Tittertot, at the end. But down he was, another 1st try. So I got myself another achivement there.

Was pretty nice to see us already run through this instance so fast.We used around 1 hour time to clear it on, in 25 man normal. Not to bad. As we had good time left on the timer, it was decided that we should head to Ulduar to see at some more hardmodes there.

Last week, we got Levi down with 2 towers. This week the aim was to go all the way, 4 towers.
I was once again passenger in a Demolisher, so my main task was to pile Pyrite for my driver. Shoot down more Pyrite and be ready with a speed boost, if we was targetted. Fun task, where you need to time your refill of pyrite, and be aware if there is any in close range or you need to seek more in the sky. And ofcourse also see if he is targeting you next. (I also used the rockets on Levi as much as I could, when I had the other things under control.)
My driver was once again Neamek, a paladin from my guild. And I must say our teamwork, went very well. We was stacking pyrite like there was no tomorrow, and we had a good grip of being in range of more pyrite when needed.
We had many try's on this bastard, getting closer and closer. In the end he had to see himself conquered. So another blink on the screen came up, for all of us.

Very well done all. Many was not thinking to highly of this fight. But I actually liked it, much more than a normal clear of him. It was fun, had alot to control and a good challenge. I actually think Blizzard have made a nice hardmode here, which also is very different than normal mode.

We continued to XT to see if we could get him down once again in hardmode. Getting into hardmode was no biggy. But we failed him anyway. It seemed like there was alot of people not paying enough attention, when they had gravity or lightbomb. Which lead to us not taking him down once more, but ended the night with no more kills. A bit disapointing.

But I guess looking back at the night, it overall was a good night. Im looking forward to tonight, where the scene, is coloseum 10 man normal/heroic. Im set to be going in as off-tank/dps, so gonna be my first time tanking in there. But I have watched all the tankspot video's and read up on it, so im confident it will turn out positive. Gonna be good fun.

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