June 8, 2009

General Vejax next in line

What a great morning to wake up. Sun is shining, and got my head loaded with not one but 2 first kills last night.
This aint any world first kills, like ensidia is pulling on with Algalon. But it sure is, nice to get some first kills anyway. My guild and I, have had a bit of a set back the last few weeks. First night is all good, alot of sign ups. And then the next 2 days, lacking sign up's, as the "farm" bosses is down. Well, this is how it swings for most I guess, and ofc the weather is a factor to count as well. You all know how silly boys get when the girls start to drop the clothes in the sun.

Back on topic. Last night, our 2nd raid night this reset. We had a good signup, I was a little late, but got an invite as soon as I logged on. Bringing the grp to 25 man. They had takend the thrash pre Thorim and was rdy to pull when I arrived. And on we went, we took the hug approach this time around. My first time on that tactic. I was assigned to the arena to take care of all the "small" adds. My partner in crime, was one of our prot warriors, Acoma. He was to handle the big guys. The arena went amazingly well, we had no problem holding the hordes of mobs to us, and the dps did and amazing job killing, like there was no tomorrow.
The Gaunlet was a bit shacky, they wiped the first 2 try's. We didnt have any mage in the party, so they did not have any sheep. Which we have used the other nights we have been here. Suddenly Prudence, one of our mages logged on, he replaced a hunter and onwards we went again. 3rd try of the night. Arena was cake as it had been the try's before as well. Gauntlet was working, 1 mini boss down, 2nd mini boss down.

All of a sudden Thorim was entering the arena. Me, acoma and Trucken was switching between him. And the dps got a hang of ligtning and such fast. And boom!, down he went. Not a perfect kill, but over half the raid alive. A new kill was added to the chart.

Our next goal was Mimiron. I had only seen the fight once on 10 man, with no kill. But that was a long time ago. We got through the thrash pretty fast, with no wipes. And got onboard the train. A few casualties on the way out of the train, and ofc some on the bombs. Frogger is just so populair in Blizz games.. ;)
Over half the raid, had never seen Mimiron before and maybe had no idea about the tactics as well. We had some talk on Vent, and then dicided to see how the fight looked for people to get a sense of it all.
First try we got the sucker to phase 4. Woot!!!! That was pretty amazing, it kind of made us believe in it all. We had I think 4-5 more try's. Where we had him to phase 3 a couple of times. The time was closing in on us. But we was determind to atleast make use of the time we had.
We got in buffed up, and started the fight again. For the first time in the night, we made it to phase 2, with no deaths. Phase 2 had, been the hardest phase for us to conquer so far. Phase 2 down, no deaths. Yeap, we had it in the bag. Phase 3 down, phase 4 coming. And with most of the raid alive, we finished him off in great style. One amazing kill to get on my paladin. It feelt really good.

Tonight, I hope we can get another raid togheter and have a look at General Vejax. My first time to see him ingame. I have high hopes. Bring it on.... :)

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