June 2, 2009

Guide mania

Over at my sister site, All Paladin. My fellow blogger Mordéth have been a busy man. Togheter with my guild, he have conqured some of the 10 man hardmodes the ulduar instance has to offer.

That have ended out in good nights and loot, but not least guides for you to read. These are ofc up on, All paladin, for all of you to soak in and enjoy. So far we have 12 guides to Ulduar up there.

The latest additions is the hardmode ones, here is a list of what Mordéth have putted up.

Flame Leviathan - 1 tower
XT-002 Deconstructor
Iron Council - Steelbreaker last
Freya - 2 adds up

Now I just need to get my ass togheter and start attending these hardmode runs. Have had my focus on getting my tank gear up to shape. But I believe im about to be there. Netting 2 8.5 pieces now, head and breast. 2 7.5 pieces. Gloves and shoulders. And rest Ulduar, naxx 25 or valor badge gear.

So should be rdy to put on my war face, and start getting endless streams off punches on me. Being showered in busses, have never been boring... ;)

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  1. Idd, Hard modes arnt explained that much indept, just a general overview of extra abilities and how we do it.

    We are planning on doing Epiphany hard mode with atleast 5 units of alcohol aswell.

    That should make it even more interesting. gonna make sure Impa fraps everything even VT talk ;P


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