May 30, 2009

Assembly of Iron Video

Just finished my latest video from ulduar. Assembly of Iron, the video is a full lenght video of the fight on heroic (Normal mode). The fights tactics is explained in the video as well. Spiced up with some music, from "A state of Trance".

Hope you enjoy the video and you can use the information as well.


  1. great video! it's all professional and stuff. I like how you highlighted the key points through the fight.

    "I show here how it shouldn't be done." lawl

  2. hehe, yeah I did it only to show it too all of you.... :S "or not".

    Well, no one is perfect. But I really think that with seeing it in action and in text explained, make it stuck in your memory the most... :)

    The video will be added on my sister page, all paladin -
    Where Mordéth have made a more in deepth guide as well.


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