May 19, 2009

Guide concept

When I look for guides for bosses on the net, I like to have em visulized. My preferred form is a video with voice over, which explains the tactics. That’s what fit my learning the best. They are the best for me, to get a general overview of a fight. What do they miss ? Mostly they miss the fight from all aspects, its normally only from one role in the raid. Healer, dps or tank. Which normally leave out questions for the other roles. Lastly they don’t have all the “boring” info with em. The specific debuffs and a full blown description on what they do. As that is better suited for a written guide. Which I normally look for after I have seen some video’s.

There I came up with a new project for me. I do make video’s, I do write guides and I do raids. So why not make a guide format. Firstly a written guide, the guide should be made in this format. First a general explanation of the fight, the overall picture.

Then have the guide divided into three sections, healing, dps and tank. In each section have an explanation on what you should specifically be aware of to max out your role. That should be supported by a video showing the key things to handle as that role.

Lastly a full video, which main purpose is to show the different things (phase’s) and the like in the fight. The fight in the overall picture if you may. Or maybe this should be in the start to give you the overview from the start.
Requirements, a whole lot of info about the fight. The best is for me to have played all parts in a fight. (Long live the paladin, which can make this possible. But where is the triple specc blizzard.) I also need video from all 3 roles. This will problaly be the hardest part. Will problaly have to team up with someone here to help support me. There is problaly a lot out there, that could help. But I have to see if I can get one from the guild. As I need to have video from one who use the same tactic as me. Or the whole guide will get a bit out of sync.
It will ofc not be first of some boss guide. As they will take a good deal of time to make. But hopefully some will find em usefull anyway. Im not in a hardcore guild, so our tactic’s will problaly be usefull for guilds which still is gearing up in Naxxramas. So when they are ready to take on ulduar, my guides have a change to be done…

What do you think ? Does it sound like a good idea, or is a written guide or video in its pure form better ? Am I the only one who wants both, and then why not make em be in the same place completing each other ?

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  1. I need written guides and visual aids. Like you said, some things (e.g., raw description of boss abilities) are easier to learn by reading and other things by seeing. You make good videos, so maybe something like go read the basic info *here* then watch this video type of format could work.


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