May 25, 2009

Dualspecc in general, worth it ?

Is Prot/Holy worthless ? Is the only option to have dps as one of the speccs ? Or is even that also just cosmetic, another way to use your money on ?
It has now been in the game for some time. And we have had some time to think of its uses. Do we use it ? Lets start by seeing in the different zones we can use it in.

When we look at raids, I have a hard time seeing some dualspeccs, come to use. I have been running myself with a Ret/Prot build. And I can surely see its use here. As there is many encounters that needs a different tank count. And having a extra dps, when you only need 2 of the maybe 3 tanks you have in your raid squad. Can mean a really big different on some encounters in the end. If not all, just make the farm runs more fast and smooth. Of course the paladin need to have good gear in both speccs, to be really worth it.

On progress im not sure, as its very unlikely that you have 2 sets of pro gear there, and most play there main specc best, and maybe need a little more training to be on the edge of your game in your offspec.

What about a prot/holy specc. I don’t think this is a viable specc. Why ? When do you have a tank to much and then need a extra healer. You normally have what you need. So an extra is very rarely needed. A healer can go dps if there is to many healers, same with a tank. I just don’t see the holy/prot dualspecc have its shiny moments.

Judgement, yes I believe its worth it. Unless its Prot/Holy.

Solo play
It can be usefull in raids, but its not mandatory if you ask me. I actually think it shines the most in solo play. Even more if you main specc is prot or holy. Who haven’t been frustrated by doing daily’s as holy. Did anyone say bore the mobs to death. Prot is better, but still no match for popping a Ret build, and nuke em down.

Judgement, very good and makes the daily play a lot more enjoyable for the holy and prot players.

Now im not a big 5 man instance player and im pugging even less. Could it have its use there. I sure think it could. To make it all a lot more easy when you need to get a group going. But what about loot then, may you as a dualspecc tank, roll on dps loot for you offspec ? You must make it clear from the start, and I guess it could give a lot of bad speech by some players. But as sayd, I don’t have the big experience in this. Im sure some of my readers have more on this topic.

What do you think, have the dualspecc shined for you ? Have you been using it a lot ?


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