May 18, 2009

New Paladin Ohh, shit button.....

Sometimes there comes a few interesting tips from the dear official forums. Sometimes they are very informative like this one.

But sometimes they form themselves in a bit more serious matter. Many paladins have been calling for another ohh shit button, besides bubble wall. They want a last stand kind of ability, to help in some of the bosses where they could be usefull. Especially in learning encounters, abilities like that is a pure win.

And then it was I came across this one.

So i'm asking, can Paladins expect a panic button like Last stand, Vampirir Blood, and Survival Instincts in the future?
Answer from Ghostcrawler :
We're not going to give paladins a warmed over version of Last Stand. We do recognize that they need another cooldown. Our plan is for something slightly different.


Whats that gonna be will be interesting to say. As I know play a paladin tank, I will not say that we are in any way screwed when it comes to tanking. We are infact very strong if you ask me. But ofc new utility to the table is never bad. So you wont be hearing me complaning.

P.S. Thorim is a huge sucker, but he will go down soon... ;) (And damn thats a fun fight being tank in the arena. Bring on some more adds.)


  1. oh cool. Having another cd would be nice. We're forced to use our dk tank with bosses that do bursty hard dmg.

  2. Probably be some holy spell. < Guardian of pure light >
    A guardian will protect the paladin and heal him for a 100% upon a fatale blow. Upon guardians death the paladin will recive a armor buff for 50% for 10 seconds.

    Something imba that will make the other classes cry and then get hit by the nerf bat.

  3. hehe, mordèth you are alwasy to positive... But the hard part of it is, that you are problaly right.

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