April 20, 2009

Belt of Ownage

I always fail to not search the interwebz for upgrades when new instances comes out. There is still alot of loot not seen and discovered in Ulduar. But there is one item which imo, shines through.

Belt of the Titans

How awesome is this, I will name it Red belt of battle version 2. You can use it to cover a meta gem, or you can pump it up with 3x16 STR gems. Yeap, 3 pieces. How awesome is that.
And then its crafted, so you dont have to wait ages to see it drop. And you see the warriors grab in front of your little child fingers.

Ofcourse it aint gonna be cheap.

10x Titansteel bars
8x Eternal shadows
25x Saronite bars
6x Runed orbs

Whats interesting here is the runed orbs. Its a drop in Ulduar from some of the bosses. And better yet, it can be bought from Emblems of Conquest in Dalaran. And they are BoE, so they will to be found on the Ah as well in due time. But prepare to pay alot for em.

The people which like me are surfing the net for gear upgrades, would maybe raise there hand now and say. There is a better one out there.

Belt of Colossal Rage it may be a bit better on paper, stat by stat. But when you think of the changes to get this over Titans, I vote the upper one. And will use my dkp on other upgrades.
Lastly Colossal rage have hit one it. And atm it seems we will fast be way over hit cap with the Ulduar gear. Another thing that in my book brings the Titans over this one.

Do you like the new upgraded Red belt of battle, I sure do... ;)

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