March 18, 2009

Retribution damage still to low, according to Ghostcrawler

A promising blue post from Ghostcrawler : (source)

“I know Ret pallies have made many posts outlining their potential or realized problems. I’m sorry we haven’t been able to answer those. We can only answer a very few a day.

“But here is what I can tell you:

“There is a bug in Righteous Vengeance that caused its damage to be too low (even accounting for the reduction in ranks). That bug has now been fixed. Note that even though the dot is Holy damage (which is normally not-resistable) mobs that are higher level than you can still resist some of the damage. This was not the actual bug, though some players made that assumption since they noticed RV had dropped (again even accounting for the rank reduction).

“Spiritual Attunement could provide as much or more mana as Judgements of the Wise on fights with a lot of raid damage. To account for this, we are likely to buff the instant mana from Judgements of the Wise.

“The glyph of Seal of Blood is reasonably nonsensical now, so we will probably change it to something similar but actually useful (e.g. you get mana back as if you still had SA for purposes of Blood).

“When all that is said and done, Ret’s PvE damage is still probably a little low. Buffing Divine Storm or allowing RV to benefit from Crusader Strike are two possible places to add more damage.

“Note that I made no promises. :) These are all just things we are discussing. The eventual solutions could end up different. ”

Nice to see that, they know there is some things to overcome before the patch goes live. Question is, can they make it ok before it goes live. And will the changes be enough, for us to still be competietive in damage output ?

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