March 18, 2009

New lands

A few days back, it came clear to me. For the first time it really settled down in my head. I may have to look for new lands to conquer. Im fed up with wow, and much of it around it. Im totally burned out on the content, like many others is atm. But after some time, I have been looking after new games to play. And I must admit that wow have made me blind for a long time. There is alot of very interesting projects going atm.
I will use this post as some of a turning point, in my playtime. Maybe even in my blogging as well.
I'm thinking deep into expanding my blog to reach other games, projects and whats not in the future.

I will use a bit of time to start talking about some of the interesting games and projects out there.

A very interesting title, which is released. But still very hard to get a copy off. The development team, have made the decision to make a certain amount avaible for pre-ordre. And after release, you have to tjeck there website to see if the shop is open for more customers. They should release a small amount of new copy'es each day. Though I havent been able to get my hands on one just yet.
They have done it like this, to not have there servers go down in the start phase. They though seems to have problems with long wait time to log on. (2-3 hours)
Despite the long wait hours, it seems like alot of people are really enjoying the game. Its based on a system with no levels, but a skill level up system instead. And when you die, you really die. You loose all your gear, also what you have in your bags on a tomb. And every one that come across your tomb can loot it. So in this game death have a high price. And that also seems to be one of the real heights in this game. You have to think before action.

Runes of Magic
A game to be release tomorrow. But you have been able to play it in a open beta for a while. And the people playing will not be reset at release. Meaning the game is already building it self up inside. Its a game which is very wow like. But still different. And it sure have some play hours in it. I have been using some time in it, with my kid. And we have had some great fun leveling up togheter.
Could be a fun game to use some time on, if you are not ready to leave wow. But is bored as hell, and just waiting for Ulduar. As its totally free of cost.

Mortal Online
Now this is something im so eager to get my hands on. There still havent been a beta out yet. But there is a big annoncment on there webpage later today. (in 3,5 hour when im writing this.) Which could be a beta signup or something.
The game is a fantasy RPG, set in a open world. But controlled in 1st person view. And though I got pretty scared with the idea at first, I must admit after reading alot more about it. It just seems to make so much sense and looks/seems so cool.
And the combat system they have put out, screams for skill over playtime/gear. I cant wait to try this one out. I will surely get some more info up on this one, when I can.

Whats there more to say than - Jizz In My Pants


  1. I'm in a similar place...ish...

    Conan is crap.

    Warhammer is far too pvp for me.

    I wish it was 2010 so I could get my hands on Star Trek Online.

  2. The one big reason I play WoW is because of my friends. So no matter what other games are out there and how good they are, if I don't have my friends, I rather not play. I can just play console RPGs if I want to focus only on how a game plays. Just my 2 cents.

    That music video is pure win. LOL


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