March 23, 2009

Hybrid vs. Pure clarification

As we all know, the hybrid vs pure dps talk is steaming hot. And it surely have its right to be. As it means alot to people playing and living in there class, like most of us do. We want to feel wanted. To feel usefull. I dont think its all about being on top of the e-peen meter, even though it always is a nice bonus. But to feel wanted and needed in a raid, that whats count.

Therefor I was happy to read this part of a blue post -

....We want you to get a spot because you know what the blank you're doing, not because your class is programmed to always do top dps or inflate raid dps through a miraculous spell that you impart by clicking a button every 30 min.

Play your class to the best of your ability. If you do so, you will be very high on the damage meters, even if you are a druid, priest, warrior, DK, shaman or paladin. You won't top it on every fight. Some fights are better for some classes than others. Some players have better luck. Over time, the trends will emerge and most raiding players will figure them out. For our part, we will keep jimmying the numbers to get the results we want.


This is so important, atleast to me. Take your friends along and have a blast. Take the good players along when you need to push content. Dont take em because they have a "ohh, so imba button to push every 30 sec.".

Bring it on.

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  1. cool. it seems developers have sincere intentions to balance things out right. Hopefully ret pallies can maintain competitive dps going into ulduar.


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