March 4, 2009

Sath3D kill, almost. So close.

It became tuesday and we were once again ready to venture into the The Obsidian Sanctum, to try an beat Sartharion with his 3 drakes up.
After last weeks try's we were hungry for a kill, and had the believe we could make it.

We went in with the same composition 3 tanks - 2 healers - 5 dps. But a bit different class setup.
We had tanks, druid on Sartharion, warrior on adds and paladin on drakes. Healers, we keept the same combo as last time, holy priest and resto druid. On the dps we had some changes. Me as retribution, Survival hunter, Elemental shaman, Shadow priest and a arcane mage.

The first few try's was used to get back into the whole rytme again. And get the 2 new players into it all. The hunter and mage. But must say they didnt need much, to be right at top of the game like the rest of us. And this time we got close. We got closer and closer, got more and more control over the whole fight. We had Trucken our warrior tank, which keept improving with sublime control on the adds. Mordeth dodging walls and keeping the Drake in a tight leech. Mediel our druid tank, which togheter with Atene our holy priest. Keept alive and Sartharion on his spot.
Aspiration our druid healer, keept the raid, add tank and drake tank alive. With atene helping in if needed.
We keept progression and perfecting our try's and tasks.
Tenebron down, a short add killing break, then onto shadron. Shadron down, into the portal, shadrons add down. On Ventrilo, "Shit, ahhh crap.". A little mistake and we was wiping. We had several try's where we were so close, I could smell and taste the victory beer from the tavern in Dalaran.

After a few hours in there, our hunter had to go. So we replaced him with a 3rd healer. To get more try's and see if that was a better composition. We did have a few good try's with that combo as well. But I must admit, I like the other combo better. And I think the combo we started with, is what will bring us a kill in the end.

But the night ended in no 3D kill. We decided to take down Sarth2D and call it a night. Might as well get the upgrades if any before the reset. And they went down with no sweat at all. Incredible how easy that is with only 2 up, compared to 3D.

Even though we didnt got the kill we was after, it was THE best night of raiding I have had in Wrath so far. Several times, the voices on Vent and the adrenalin pumping in my body, was like being back in Vanilla wow getting those imba first kills on Ragnaros and the like. Great night. Thanks all who contributed to it.

We will be back next reset for more, and im confident that they will go down.

Im cooking up a guide to it all. Which I will release as soon as I have all details in place. A guide based on my own experience in there and how we managed to pull it off.


  1. We took down Sartharion 25 with 2 drakes last night - it was, as you say, the best nights raiding we've had in ages!

    Bring on 3 drakes!

    I've not done 10-man with drakes up yet. Hope to get a try soon though! Driving my way to 20 titles one step at a time!

  2. hope you guys get it on the next go.

  3. Actually, we had our best try with 3 healers :)We got Vesperon and the add in the portal down before Mediel died.

    The way I see it is that there are 2 critical moments in this fight;
    1 - When (or if) Tenebron hatches for the 2nd time. We had a hard time dealing with this with 5 DPSers and no heroism. So we used heroism, but then we didnt have it on moment nr. 2;
    2 - When Vesperon lands, and the Sarth tank takes HUGE amounts of damage.

    So if we go with 3 healers, its very hard to get Tenebron down before his 2nd hatch, so using Heroism there will be a "waste". But if we save it and use it in moment nr. 2, the 3 healers will have an easier time keeping the tank up.
    To sum up; 3 Healers, and save heroism - More control.
    My2cents :)


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