March 14, 2009

Spiritual Attunement removed from trainers !?!

Just been sitting at my computer in like 5 minutes in a few days. And I see this one pop up ????

Spiritual Attunement: Removed from trainers. It is now available deep in the Protection tree for 2 ranks at 5/10%.

I fast go to to see if there is some Retribution change to compensate for the loss in mana for us. None to be found ??!!??

Please tell me this is a bad dream or I have misread, misunderstood or something along the way.

Edited : Been looking some more, and found this one of the US forum. From ghostcrawler ofc -
Spiritual Attunement is a great mechanic for a tanking paladin who needs the mana and gets it from taking damage.

For other paladins it just complicates balance. On Patchwerk you get no mana from it as Holy / Ret and on Sartharion it gives you just a ton of mana. So you're either bone dry on one fight or drowning in mana on another, totally depending on raid damage.

The best knob we have for tweaking Ret mana return is to up Judgements of the Wise from 15% to 20% or whatever it needs to be. (Holy has Illumination.)

Aha, but why the hell do we then have to take dmg from our dmg seal. Dosent make any sense. Why have a penalty like that if it aint there for something anymore ?!?
Seems to be like once more, blizzard are making changes before they think, about it in all aspects of the class. And guess what, Retribution is the one they dont think off. Surprise. Blizzard you have to do better than that.


  1. Aye, this is fucked up. The reasoning doesnt make much sence in my eyes. IF they want to make it a talent, put it as a lower tier talent atleast. We have enough talent points that can be put to any "real use" so might aswell make it a T1 or T2 talent.

    Seen some of the changes to prot aswell, gonna be interesting to see how it will affect TPS building.

  2. Best one is there Glyph of Blood of Seal, I think its called. Which buff SA to 30%. Hmm, a tank using seal of blood. I dont think so. Makes no sense at all.

    Seems like once again blizzard is screwing with the paladin class. But hey whats new there. Sigh...


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