March 20, 2009

Good craice, we have old school dungeons

I dont know what brought it to my mind. But on my home trip in the train, I got a lust to go UBRS. Yeah, you read right. Upper Blackrock Spire. Why ? I dont know.
I have always been a big fan of the old instances. There is some good new ones, but the likes of Dire maul, UBRS, LBRS, Scholomance and my all time favorite Blackrock Deep (BRD). I think the design and the atmosphere in em, are far better than what the newer dungeons have brought. Maybe it has something to do with, that they was actually hard to master back then.
There are a few good new dungeons, I like Shadow Labyrinth alot as well. And Halls of Stone, as my favorite Wrath one. But the old ones, are the best in my book.

Well back to my crazy idea. UBRS, so I got my fly trip from If to Thorium Point settled, and went into Blackrock. I had teamed up with a DK from trade channel and a druid from my own guild, Ealan. As we need to be 3+ to get past the first boss. And off we went, I have on a casual plan, collected the D1 set pieces when I have come across em. So it quickly for me turned into getting the pieces I could from this place. We landed at the Beast, the good old big dog. Remember him back in the days, when you kill him the small gnome comes out of him. Brilliant. We ofc took him down easy mode. And BAM!, Lightforge shoulders. Nice, one more piece to the collection. Was missing two pieces now, Breastplate and Headpiece.
On we went to pay General Drakkisath a visit. Again and easy mode kill. And what the fcuk.... Do my eyes deceive me. Lightforge Breastplate. How lucky can you be ?!?
Not that I complain, but remember gathering this set on my old paladin, was a pain to say the least. We ended our trip to take the achivement, LEROYYY!!!!!!!!!. Hadent taken that one on Impadin yet, so one more to the book.

After my success in UBRS, I decided to swing by Scholomance and give my luck there a few times. Afterall, I had have good luck in drops so far.
I ran past most of the mobs, just kille the bosses and the mandatory thrash. Yes, you need some of the thrash to, The school have been set... :)
And there he spawned, the master himself, Darkmaster Gandling. Easy mode kill in my shiny, T7.5 gear, My betrayer really, betrayed him there. Loot time.
I dont know how this can happend, but I must have been buttered in lucky butter this night. Yes, you are right. Lightforge Helm. And not only that the epic staff dropped as well... lol.

So I proudly presents, Impadin the Lightforge.

So after some time in boredom and nothing to do. I actually had a fun night in the game. Maybe I should figure out small goals for each time I log on. And not just log on to log on. If that makes any sense.

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  1. It does to me. I have been playing fro more than 3 years (I have lost count to be precise) and I always log in with a plan. Sometimes its farming, others pvp, scheduled raids etc. I do not log in without a reason and that helps me keep a positive attitude towards the game.

    Old dungeons are indeed a very entertaining trip down the memory lane :)


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