June 19, 2013

Still in wow, should the blog return to active ?

Damn its been a while since I have wrote something on this blog.

Ages it seems, as far as I can see. I have not writen anything on here, since start Cataclysm.
Feels like ages ago.....

Im still around in game, im still on my paladin, Impadin. Now residing on the Realm Silvermoon EU. A very active realm, my old realm Trollbane was death.

Alot is happening on Silvermoon, constant runs to most raids, old and new. And worldboss kills constantly. Btw do you miss a tracker for the Worldbosses, have you killed it or not this week.

Use this addon to track em, http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/world-boss-status

Ohh, well. I will soon be back, with more news, and why not get a new video made. But what should it be about, I have to get thinking.... :)

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