June 25, 2010

Blues to comment on

Some information from some of the blue post's from Blizzard.

Epic items in Cataclysm
We're actually working on restoring the epic feeling to epic items in Cataclysm. Epic loot should be epic, and something to be very proud of. Our plan is to try and get the Heroic -> Blue Gear and Raid -> Purple Gear balance back.
Now this is a thing I will be looking forward to. As this will make the good looking gear way more uniqe to look at. The best time was back in Vanilla (Some extent TBC), where you came across those epic players in IF. Decked in raid gear, looking all shiny. And you was dreaming to once be able to obtain that gear for yourself.
I still shiver, when I'm in a lvl 60 AV, and see a guy in Full T3. So damn hot.... hehe.. Bring back the epicness.

UI Improvements in Cataclysm
We are working on many raid / party improvements for Cataclysm. The challenge is that different features or layouts are "mandatory" for different players. Thus I would not at all be comfortable saying that you won't want UI mods for Cataclysm, and that's not our goal anyway. The default UI could be improved a lot though.
I have many times wondering how blizzard could be satisfied with how they handle raid and party frames. I guess party frames are ok, but the raid UI is imo terrible.
I cannot reminder anytime I have been using the standard UI for raid frames, they simply dont cut just the basic needs. Hopefully they will make em good, as the less addons, the more power is going to the actually game world, not to running addons.

25% buff in ICC now. Maybe its time for me to finally see the LK go down. Only been up to his door a couple of times. But that could have something to do with that I dont raid at all atm.....
Ohh well, I will see him death at some point. I have seen enough of ICC, done 11/12 in normal both 10 and 25. And done around 7 HC mode kills. And seen all phases of LK fight, plus ofc the video part long before he was avaible. So not sure I miss out on alot, besides the pleasure of the title and seeing him crumble under my sword and board.

Last day at the office today, then im out on a weeks vacation. So that means no wow as im away from home. Just relaxation, sun, females, family and good times. Gonna be sweet.

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