June 23, 2010

Some people just dont know, how to behave...

I have been pugging alot lately through the LFG system. I must admit that I think that system is the best that have happend to wow. Close to one of the best things ever.
It have on its own made it possible to enjoy all the instances the game have to offer. And especially the ones I love the most, the old azeroth ones. I have been able to farm fest my way through BRD, my alltime favourite instance. I even got the pleasure of being in a kick ass pug, which took from start to end, all bosses down. And got all the way to the emperor and got him down as well. I havent been able to do that in a regular group since back in vanilla wow. Where most groups crumbled in the torch room.
Did I say I love the LFG system... /wink

But it also brings forward some very rude people, people I dont wanna waste my time playing with.
I'm atm leveling a shaman healer (Alli side) and a warrior tank (Horde side). This is from a run on my shaman, which recently turned 60. So this was one of my first runs in Ramparts. We had a DK tank and a dps rogue.
I will try to reconstruct the chat between those two. (Unfortnaly I didnt screenshot it.)

Tank : Does anyone have some runecloth I could buy ?
Rogue : I have alot 1g pr piece
Rogue : Economic crisis, YOU FUCKED POOR BASTARD!!!!!
Tank : GHGSFGYGFYGFYGEF and so on.....

I left after a few more lines, I just didnt have the patience or desire to play with ppl like that.
Not all just fun and good runs in LFG. But I must admit Im mostly in good runs. Like another Ramparts run with a ret specced paladin with a 2 hander as tank. I was like, tank dont you have a shield. No, but I can solo this, so we will be fine....
I was a bit sceptic when he made the first couple of pulls, but it was actually one of the smoothes runs I have been on. May needed a bit more healing, but his and the grp's dps more than made up for it.

What's your view on the LFG system ?

Btw a small hint. If you play as healer or tank, dont be to afraid to skip a grp if they are lame people. You may get the debuff, but that only prevents you from using the random tool. You can still choose to join a specific or a list of specific dungeons. The debuff dont dis-allow you that...

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